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Common Questions about Classroom Technology Operation

How do I turn on the data projector?
On the touch screen, in the upper left corner, press the button labeled System Power. This will bring up the projector controls. Press the green button labeled Power On. In CLA classrooms, press the red button in the lower left corner of the touch screen — then press the Turn System ON button.

How do I use my USB drive with the console computers?
You can connect your USB device, e.g. flash drive, to either computer using the labeled extension cables coming out of the top of the console. In CLA classrooms there are two additional USB ports on the edge of the keyboard.

How do I choose the computer as a content source?
Touch the Computer button on the the touch screen. In some installations a second step is required Send to Projector. The computer itself is in the nearby equipment rack or behind the double doors below the keyboard tray in cabinet-type installations.

The computer in my room has an Apple logo and a Windows logo on the screen - how do I make it work?
Dual boot computers can be used as Apple OS-X platforms or as Windows platforms. Double Click on the logo or use the arrow keys to select the operating system you choose and hit the enter key.

How can I display my laptop on the classroom projector?
VGA, Audio, and Ethernet cables are provided in all installations. Some installations have HDMI cables. An AC power outlet is located nearby. After connection press the laptop button and, if needed, Send to Projector. If you have problems getting your laptop to display, re-start it. Some laptops will require a VGA adapter.

How do I use the Document Camera?
As soon as you select the document camera it will power up and the light will come on. The doc-cam is now ready to use. in some installations you'll need to Send to Projector. The controls that appear in the touch screen after you select Document Camera are not the only ones. Other controls on the the base or head of the unit give you additional adjustment options.

The system shut down after 3 hours! … for no reason!
The system is designed to shut down after a predetermined length of time when not being used. Anytime a user selects a button on the touchscreen the timer resets. If you, for instance, turned the System Power on, displayed your laptop computer, and never again touched the control touch-screen, the system would shut down after the set period of time had elapsed from the moment you pressed "Laptop".

Why does the DocCam image have a wrong color?
Sometimes the Document Camera needs to be correctly white balanced. On Wolfvision units press and hold the lamp button. On Samsung models press the AWC button.

How do I play a music CD?
You can play an audio CD on the computer. Insert the disk and a player program will automatically start. Be patient, as it takes a few moments. You can also play music CDs on the DVD/Blu-Ray player, using the touch screen controls. Whatever you use to play your CD, it must be selected as a content source from the touch screen.

How do I play a DVD?
You can play a DVD on the computer. Insert the disk and a player program will automatically start. Be patient, as it takes a few moments. In CLA classrooms with a dedicated DVD/Blu-Ray player, when you select DVD & Blu-Ray as a content source the control buttons will appear. Use them as you would a remote at home. Remember to Send to Projector.

I stuck my disk into the slot. Now, how do I get it out?
To eject a disk, make sure that you have quit the application you were using to play it. Then, double-click the eject disk icon on the desktop.

How do I play a VHS tape?
College of Liberal Arts building (CLA) classrooms do not have VHS tape capability. Some classrooms in other buildings still have VHS tape players with touch screen controls.

AAAGH! But, my content is on a VHS tape — what do I do?
The College of Liberal Arts offers VHS to DVD transcription services. Call the LAITS office at 512•471•7095 and ask for a video technician.

Where can I find more information about my room?
You'll find more information by consulting the University of Texas Technology Classroom Database (UT EID required). Or, you can call the College of Liberal Arts building help desk, at 512•232•5400, or the general purpose Classroom Help Desk at 512•471•9666.


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