CLA 1.404 is a Liberal Arts ITS multi-use computer laboratory scheduled by and with instructional technology supported by Liberal Arts ITS. Room scheduling requests may be made using the following form reservation form .
This laboratory has two data projectors with a touch-screen control system. there are 34 Apple iMac computers capable of running both Apple and Windows operating systems. These machines include general internet applications, and the Microsoft Office Suite (including Japanese language capability within Microsoft Word).  

Please consult the Common Questions About CLA Classroom Technology Operation for answers about using "smart classrooms" in CLA. The College of Liberal Arts building has a dedicated Classroom Help Desk in room CLA 1.214, telephone 512•232•5400.

If you have general questions about the College of Liberal Arts classroom technology at The University of Texas, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions, or call our general Classroom Help Desk at 512•471•9666. If you like, you may open a help-desk service request using this convenient form.